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When the female clitoris is stimulated by fingers in a manner of her orgasiming!
At the movies
JILL:Baby, I'm horny...
JACK:Go down on me..
JILL: No! Finger me....yea..oh yea
by jelly February 15, 2004
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June 1967: The Israeli military under massive unprovoked attack from Arab armies intent on destroying the State of Israel, defended itself against, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian armies on the West Bank of the River Jordan and East Jerusalem (belonging then to Jordan)and Gaza (belonging then to the Egyptians). This region was an area sparsely populated by nomadic tribes, some Arabs and some Jews since the destruction of the area the Romans called Philistina.
The Israelis won the areas now known as the "occupied territories," in the 6 day war of 1967. Any territory won by a country in war in which they were not the aggressor is legitimate to occupy.

In terms of occupation, Israel on the whole does not wish to unduly disadvantage the inhabitants of the territories but in the face of those who would wish to see the destruction of the State of Israel and the Jewish people residing within it, has had to defend itself against elements who would seek to do just that.

If the inhabitants had not fled their homes in the war of Israeli independence 1947 - 1949 following the UN resolution giving both Jews and Arabs in the British Mandate of Palestine a State and Self-Determination for both parties, maybe Jews and Arabs could have lived at peace here for the last 57 years.
by jelly January 24, 2005
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"THE BOSS" usually from Italian background. A kind of person that should not to be messed with.
You don't want to mess with him he is the Sicheri.
by Jelly January 19, 2004
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The sharp,heart stopping, stop you dead in your tracks pain you get near your anal opening.EBS The reason is unclear and nothing comes of this mysterious pain...no poo, no flatulence.
I was having a great time at the party until I was overcome with an EBS, my date gave me a strange look and walked away...
by jelly January 03, 2005
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A person who is very unexprienced with human relationships. ie. spends too much time with their computer. BRICE!!
Go get a job, n00bsickle.
by Jelly June 06, 2004
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another word for Cocaine
Hey, dealer, is Satan around?
by Jelly November 29, 2003
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