When a girl says to a boy to 'go down on me' they are actually saying for the boy to eat them out
I let him go down on me and it felt so nice
by 4u2 May 29, 2017
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When a girl says 'go down on me' it's another way of saying to eat her out, when a guy says it, he means to give him head.
Guy 1: So I was talking to this bitch right and she was talking about abortions and later when having sex she said 'go down on me' and that was a major boner killer.

Guy 2: Aw what a sick twisted freak!
by jimizimij January 30, 2014
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GDOM "Go Down On ME" In a conversation or conflict when you want to keep your composure but make a point to somebody with out them knowing what your saying. Snap your finger and point down while saying GDOM. Basically telling and individual to suck it. "If you don't like what I have to say GDOM"
by Rowdy Cain February 6, 2015
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