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Another word for validation; personal validation; for your own reference

For personal use
Here some intel for your backation.
by jeffersonson May 25, 2019
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same thing as cleanliness; cleaned; something which is back to originality or untouched
To ensure cleaningness, can you make sure to apply extra soap detergent on the sponge when you wash the dishes? We wouldn't want to upset the customers. Thank you!
by jeffersonson June 30, 2019
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Propertyship- the original author of a work, this includes a portrait, play script, intellectual principals and theories, inventions, the list goes on
"In order to obtain full propertyship of your invention, you will need to bring some kind of evidence to the court in order for the judge to believe you in this case of yours," said the crook to Mr. Minimum Obvious,
by jeffersonson July 2, 2019
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A person who is fast at typing with their hands; a fast typer

A person who moves forward
"Have you seen Susan's reports, I sent you a copy of them via email. She had them all done and aready and on my desk before lunch. She must be a wet typist or something"
by jeffersonson April 26, 2019
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another way of saying no to a person on something by exaggeration with it
"Rita, when are you going to give me a kiss?" asked Beta. Rita responds with "to the day hell freezes overwhile walking out the door of the room" leaving Beta depressed.
by jeffersonson October 17, 2019
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Another word for thank you; approval; or appreciative
" I would like to commendate ya'll for coming to this intervention even though we are alll going to have a couple of drinks afterwards..." said Berry.

Jerry wants to commedate you for bringing that stuff over to the party.
by jeffersonson May 15, 2019
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