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A simple combination of vintage and retro. Can be used as a verb or adjective.
Honey, I think you need to vintro that look of yours.

Oh my God, that skirt looks so vintro!
by Jenn December 17, 2004
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Super crazy, which deserves yet another 'a'.
"Slick Shoes? Are you CRAAZY?!"
by Jenn March 08, 2003
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To shut up or be quiet, stop talking or making noise.
You better close it out!
by Jenn October 26, 2004
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a joint that has more tobacco in it than marijuana. it is the opposite of a "spliph" (a joint with tobacco).
"holy shit that's a fat philps!"

"we're so damn poor we had to roll a philps."
by Jenn December 05, 2004
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marked by an aristocratic or high-toned manner or style
Back by popular demand is our excursion into exclusive luxury, a trio
of the northeast's toniest resorts.
by jenn January 17, 2004
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giant kisses on the cheek
1. After my boyfriend bought me my favorite movie, I gave him lots of cheekmuahs.

2. person one: *hug*
person two: *cheekmuahs*
by Jenn March 12, 2005
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A Sanrio Character!! A perky
primate who lives high in the mountains with all his
friends, including his best friend, Monta.
by jenn September 30, 2003
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