It's the breasts of chicken.
-Hey man, want any chicken breasts?
-Nah I'm good, thanks.
by AndVanDog7 November 23, 2020
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When a guy takes his ball sack skin and pulls it up over his dick and hides his dick by holding the flaps against his pubes. This forms a circular pattern around his newly formed stuffed 'Chicken Breast'.
Mike displayed a nice Chicken Breast.
by Deep Thinker October 1, 2009
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a non-chewy object protruding from, but not limited to, a female's chest. Has a savory chikeny-turkey taste, but sometimes tastes like skittles.
You can see Simon Cowell's turkey chicken breasts quite frequently.
by adamlambertissohawtt November 9, 2010
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Occurs during sexual intercourse, when the male's penis is at its apex of stiffness, length and girth and as far as it can go into the female's vagina, the male then sticks his finger into the female's asshole. Hence, The Half Slab, Combo Chicken Breast.
Male - Whispers in the female's ear "That's the Full Slab" And sticks his finger into her asshole.

Female - Replies in reaction to the gesture. "No, that's the Half Slab, Combo Chicken Breast."
by Great Santini December 29, 2011
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Pressing one's exposed scrotum up against a glass door or window for others to view.
Trevor was disappointed by his pay raise, and decided to treat the board meeting to his breasted chicken.
by unit1of1 March 4, 2014
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