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The U.K. equivalent of the U.S. noun "jerk", in that they both originated in calling someone a masturbator but have long since evolved into a general way of describing one as an unintelligent, nasty fool. "Wanker" most often means dolt or moron whereas "jerk" more often implies malevolence.
The bloody wanker can't even follow my most basic instructions.
by jawbone April 22, 2010

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Breasts which have herniated nipple/areola complexes. A moderate degree of such herniation might produce a hemispherical appearance as if half a table tennis ball had been implanted under the skin.

Although this is technically a defect, many apparently find it sexually attractive, even intriguing.

Unless it is extreme, progressive, or of great concern to the patient, no remediation is normally indicated.
I love the puffies on that girl. I wonder, if I sucked them really hard, would they get even bigger?
by jawbone December 13, 2009

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restless leg(s) syndrome, a.k.a. RLS
The jimmy legs is gonna drive me crazy.
by jawbone February 05, 2010

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Derogatory term for a person, essentially calling him a limp dick, which is roughly what a turkey neck looks like.

Perhaps first popularized in the early 1960s by a pro wrestler called The Crusher. Memorialized in the 1964 novelty song by The Novas titled The Crusher , featuring lead vocals by the wrestler himself.
From the song: "Do The Crusher, you turkey necks, everybody's doing it."
by jawbone November 26, 2009

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farty person; flatulator (see Tags below)
Charlie took pride in his skills as a prodigious pants whisperer; and indeed, his emissions seldom exceeded the volume of a stage whisper.
by jawbone February 07, 2010

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