The "yips" is a set of conditions associated with having your nerves badly rattled. Can affect the performance of athletes and in the case of combat veterans is a symptom of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
1) I got the yips and bogeyed the rest of the holes.

2) My post military career prospects aren't looking so good with a bad case of the combat yips and and drinking myself to sleep every night.
by james savik July 12, 2010
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A mental disconnect between the mind and the body. May result in becoming a hacker.
Overton missed his put to the right because he had the yips.
by Alex Snow November 29, 2007
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a modern-day word for the drug ecstasy, used so that figures of authority won't know one has dropped.
'Yo dude, you on yips?'
'Yeah man, yipped to fuck!'
by xoxogossipslut February 26, 2012
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slang term for the drug cocaine.
yo last night i was doing yips when my mom walked in
by a1288 January 27, 2007
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what aang says to appa to get him to fly
appa, yip yip
by scottdc December 8, 2008
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A word use to 'leave' or 'exit' a scene or a place. Also means 'let's go' referenced after the TV show 'Avatar', Ang used this word to tell his bison to depart on their journey.
"Alright yip yip its time to go to the gym!
by Don Demarco...Bang Bang January 28, 2016
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a sudden and unexplained loss of skills in experienced athletes. Some credit the yips to a loss of fine motor skills; others consider the condition to be primarily psychological, however it is poorly understood and has no known treatment or therapy. Athletes affected by the yips sometimes recover their ability, which may require a change in technique. Many are forced to abandon their sport at the highest level.
Did you see Jon Lester has the Yips? Yeah he can’t throw to first base.
by YipsAwareness December 15, 2019
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