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An extremely small city full of hicks and alcoholics located in North Eastern Wisconsin.
When you drive through Peshtigo, keep your eyes open because French street only has one stop light.
by GerardB May 21, 2008
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A little shithole full of alcoholics, meth heads, Hicks, and sluts. And don’t be suprised if you somehow catch Chlamydia from the river, btw it’s fucking gross🤢🤢
“Ever been to Peshtigo” “Oh you mean Thot-Ville” “Yeah
by ThiccJaccBlacc June 04, 2018
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A 'Peshtigo' is a paedophile with a long list of offences. Often lurks in online chatrooms or World of Warcraft. often works with a partner known as 'Norm'. When they are caught out by authorities or other net users they are known to act like they haven't been spotted.
Person 1: There is a guy on this webradio wearing a donald duck hat asking me to meet him in the park and then go to a baseball game with him. Sounds good, right!?

Person 2: Report this to the authorities immediately, its a peshtigo! He is looking to illicit illegal sex from you! You may think I dont know what i am talking about but i am 22, mind you and have been preyed on by peshtigo in the past!

Person 1:This is soooo fucked up right now!
by PeterFal September 15, 2008
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