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a word of persian origin. means pussy in the farsi language.
That girl i hooked up with last week, that was the sweetest 'koss' ever man!

So much 'koss' in the room tonight!

by Farrah Malekzadeh February 06, 2006
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A company that makes good headphones.
I just got these Kosses at Best Buy for $24.99.
by JL March 20, 2004
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someone who talks nonsense, someone who does something wrong, someone who ruins a flex, someone who adds something unessasary to a conversation, someone with no purpose etccc.
doug: yo i can lift 450 pounds

Hassan: yo please, stop saying koss bro
by kosssayer October 16, 2011
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To be 'koss' is to be outragiously attractive and wanted by many.

May also be used to describe someone who has a good bum.
'That guy is so koss.'
by NYC07 September 24, 2007
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Of course, slightly extended and intertwind...
Person 1 : "So I'm getting dismissed from school again..."
Person 2 : "koss!"
by Leemac314 May 16, 2006
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