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Birth/given name. Not a nickname(s), a porn star name, or secret identity.
1. My mom calls me Honey, but when I get her angry she yells at me by governor name.

2. "And to make her feel special I let her call me by my government name" - Lloyd Banks
by j-unit July 20, 2005
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when a guy is peeing and half of his pee goes one direction and the other half in the complete opposite direction. this gets its name beacause it is split up and because moses split the sea into two parts.
i was splittin it and i got piss all over my toilet!
by j-unit May 28, 2004
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signed by puffy's bad boy back in the early 90's. he came out with the albums Harlem World and Double Up. he had visions of leading people into hell, so he left the rap game and became a preist. after 5 yrs, hes back.
ma$e is a rapper turned priest turned rapper
by j-unit January 14, 2005
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a Jewish prayer. usually the person on the bimah says one line and the congregation says the next. each line starts with a different letter of the hebrew alphabet except for the first two and there is no nun(hebrew letter.)
im going to sing the ashrei
by j-unit December 11, 2004
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a homie or friend. somebody you're down with who has your back if shit pops off.
"What's crackin?"
"Nothin jaybles, chillin chillin"
by j-unit March 24, 2005
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passion of the christ was not true. there was a list of lies in newsweek .
by j-unit January 18, 2005
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