16 definitions by j-la

1) a wannabe punker. simmilar to the word wanksta.

2) a punker who is of the new age punk..who has neither the talent nor shock value old punk has.
that band has no talent or skills...they just a bunch of wunkers!
by j-la July 27, 2003
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Bascially an enthusiatic way to bring attention to someone or to greet someone.
don: yo! wheres joe?
mark: I don't know
joe: Crackalacka!!!!!
don: hey! joe!
by j-la April 06, 2004
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1) a word that has origin or is commonly used among canadian culture.
hooser, chinook, slough, grid and eh? are all canadianisms
by j-la August 12, 2003
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an exclamation of either
1) to be impressed
2) to show off,or show up
3) to impress some one
4) to show happiness
popularized in the poptart commercials.
guy1: "look at that ride with the twenty inch rims and flames!"

guy2: "beeeaaaaam! thats nice!"
by j-la July 27, 2003
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-short for Doctor Funkenstein "king of the Funk" a humourous funk song by Parliament Funkadelic.

- One who knows funk and can cure whats hurting you with it.
I was feeling down but my friend played some Dr Funkenstein! and cured my troubles! he's the real Dr Funk!
by j-la December 20, 2004
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1)Describing someones car as if it is as powerful as a bicycle.

2) driving a crappy car as if it were a high performance auto.
1)guy1: did you see ray's sunfire?
guy2: oh yeah...its carcycular!

2) whoa johns going carcycular with his tercel!
by j-la April 07, 2004
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1) streetball term to throw or place the ball off of the defenders head
"that guy just embarassed him! he put it off the heezay!"
by j-la August 12, 2003
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