Main character of the funkateers' album "Clones of Dr Funkenstein", a fusion of Star Wars and funky bass lines from Parliament, half of George Clinton's funk empire.
We'd love to Funk you Funkenstein, your Funk is the BEST-ie. we'd love to jam with you Dr Funkenstein, cos you are the don of the hood.
by Damn Yankees April 10, 2006
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Dr. Amos Funkenstein (1937-1995). Jewish historical scholar, author of such works as Perceptions of Jewish History from Antiquity to the Present (Tel Aviv, 1991). Probably nowhere near as cool as his name implies.
"I follow the late scholar of Jewish thought, Dr. Funkenstein, in defining historical consciousness as a useful and neglected middle term in this debate"

- Susan A. Crane, 'Writing the Individual Back into Collective Memory', The American Historical Review, 102, 5 (Dec 1997), p.1373.
by historygeek July 11, 2006
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i aint GOTTA definitsion, but the guy above or below me, Star Child, is a pimp kuzz ane one down wit the funk is Groovin it HARDCORE.
Yee-up MAN, das some shee-it.
by DFOES November 24, 2003
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