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When curiosity and common sense collide: Enquiring further about a subject when you know you really don't want to know the answer
"You would not believe what we did last night in the bedroom"
"I really don't want to know, but morbid curiosity has got the better of me..."
by J-Cutter October 27, 2007
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Slang for a broken xbox, taken from the "Red Ring of Death", where the ring of lights around the power button turn red, indicating the type of fault.
"Wanna play Halo 3?"
"Can't - my 360 red ringed"
by j-cutter January 21, 2008
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The tendency of any computer problem to be instantly fixed when anyone above a certain technical proficiency stands within a certain radius of the malfunctioning equipment
User: Whenever I try to configure my printer, it never.... hay, it's working fine. I promise I wasn't making it up...

Tecchie: It's OK. Just Midas Presence kicking in...
by j-cutter November 03, 2009
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Humours mis-pronunciation of SQL Server, used either ironically or for speed between tecchies.
"Why's the server running Slow?"
"Squirrel Server's taken up all the resources"

"omg, you run your mission critical on Microsoft Squirrel? Are you insane"
by J-Cutter December 24, 2009
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That girl in the office that makes it her god-given duty to make sure all her co-workers are happy, healthy, fed properly and get a hug when they need it.
Guy 1: Hay, where'd you get that toast?
Guy 2: Work Mummy found out I skipped breakfast and lunch, so she made it for me and dropped it off at the cubicle.
by J-Cutter November 11, 2009
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A nickname for 30 St Mary Axe, a building in Central London, well known for it's unusual shape.

The name comes from both it's phallic outline, and the fact it looks like a spaceship Robotnik] would build.

It is also been nicknamed the "Erotic Gherkin", for similar reasons
"we're near London - I can see the tip of the egg wang"
by j-cutter January 21, 2008
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When the home secretary masturbates, named after Jacqui Smith claimed for two adult videos on her parliamentary expenses
After a hard day of giving the police more powers and enacting anti-terror laws, Smith likes to go home and jacq off with her husband
by J-Cutter March 31, 2009
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