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The inability to use contractions, often making the person sound long winded due to the over emphasizing of mundane points.
Brad can not, will not, and does not use contractions due to a severe case of contractionitis.
by itsthatbradguy July 13, 2010

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Offending a woman with offensive, obnoxious, irritating, and generally tasteless comments, causing her to try to leave the area as quickly as possible.
He would be getting some if he could just keep his mouth shut and avoid zaneing off every girl that comes around with his horrible jokes.
by itsthatbradguy July 02, 2010

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Premature balding found in test tube babies.
I went to the doctor and discovered that not only was I a test tube baby, but that this would cause me to develop glass pattern baldness by the time I am 23.
by itsthatbradguy July 13, 2010

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The incredibly obvious erection one gets when wearing a bathing suit that requires them to stay in the water to hide it until it subsides to avoid embarrassment.
I wanted to go lay on the beach after swimming in the ocean, but I was sporting a deep sea teepee from scoping chicks all afternoon and had to keep swimming.
by itsthatbradguy July 08, 2010

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A buildup of muscle mass in the bicep region due to excessive masturbation. Most commonly found in porn addicts and the socially inept.
Man goddamnit listen my wife put parental controls on my computer, making flexing of my masturbicep harder.
by itsthatbradguy July 07, 2010

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adj. Financially beneficial. Economically prudent.
Investing in the stock market was a business good decision.
by itsthatbradguy February 21, 2008

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Someone who tapes a mirror to the back of their partner's head during anal sex.
That jerk couldn't find any other way to get going so he strapped a mirror to my head, he's such a self-absorbed sodomizer!
by itsthatbradguy July 11, 2010

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