5 definitions by itsasecreticanttell

One of those words that are found in a vocabulary textbook
Means childish, juvenile
His jejune behavior made him seem as mature as a two year old.
by itsasecreticanttell May 19, 2019
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A book of text, or words
A schoolbook

That book which your teacher gives you to copy problems and questions out of for homework
Also known to weigh way too much
Sometimes will have answers at the end, but only the odd ones (like in Common Core)
My school gave me a textbook but I lost it so I had to pay like 50 bucks.

My textbook is so heavy that I leave it at home so I don’t have to carry it.
by itsasecreticanttell May 19, 2019
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ERMAHGERD literally means OH MY GOD.
A dank meme commonly featuring a young girl's face and a caption with the words altered to mimic a speech impediment, and the words ERMAHGERD.
The original picture had the girl, holding books from the Goosebumps GERSBERMS series.

This caption also commonly found on the meme. Other options are NER NER NER..., BATMAN, NER NER NER... BERTMERN, and werter. Specifically these are nah nah nah, Batman, and water.
ERMAHGERD. That’s so erkwerd. Why on EARTH did you say that?
by itsasecreticanttell November 08, 2018
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Implies agreement and is used most commonly by Americans.

Sometimes, the use of this word pisses off English speakers from other countries.
This word is interchangeable with ok and yes.
Yeah, yeah, fine.”
“Yeah, it’s ok.”
“I know she said yeah, but she really meant no.”
by itsasecreticanttell July 25, 2019
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A Yiddish word. It means Jew.

The plural of Yid is Yidden.
Everyone who thinks that Chris is a good name for a yid has another thing coming
Saying “Hey, Yid!” is rude, but saying that Yidden speak Yiddish is not.

I am indeed a yid, but I’m pretty sure that my Hebrew name gave it away.

If you give a yid a cookie, he’ll be sure to make a bracha on it.
by itsasecreticanttell July 18, 2019
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