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Simply, a crush on a porn star. Just like having a crush on Brad Pitt, one can have a Porn Crush on any porn star, from Amateur to Professional, from Brent Corrigan to Jenna Jameson.
(The Porn Crush is generally considered non-creepy. Porn Star Obsession is a different thing completely.)
"Man, I've got such a Porn Crush on Jenna Jameson - I have all of her stuff!"

"I would date Chase McKenzie, I have a total Porn Crush on him."
by isthiscanon April 09, 2009
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A portmanteau of Lust and Emotions.
Synthetic emotions brought about by deep lust for an individual. Often the product of being "in like" with someone.

Lustion is a temporary state and can go either way - given time, it could dwindle to nothing or burn into true emotions.
"Sarah says she's got deep feelings for Dave, but it's just Lustions."

"Ahh, Claudia is so hot, I've got some crazy Lustions for her right now. I hope she calls me back."

"I can't tell if it's actual feelings or just lustions..."
by isthiscanon July 04, 2009
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n. Someone who's added celebrities to his/her Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter to, essentially, stalk them.

v. Celebristalking
adj. Celebristalky

note: Can be used to describe someone who actually stalks Celebrities, though the original definition of a Celebristalker is generally quite harmless.
"Why did Dave feel the need to tell us what John Mayer tweeted about last night? He's such a celebristalker."

"So I was celebristalking Nigel Lythgoe and he left his Deep Vein Thrombosis tights in the hotel room! Lol!"
by isthiscanon June 29, 2009
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(a portmanteau of Celebrity and Stalk)

v; to follow what celebrities are doing at all times via Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook.

n; Celebristalker (see UD definition)

note: Can be used to describe actually stalking Celebrities, though the original definition of Celebristalk is intended to be a bit more harmless. Also, some Celebrities are easier to Celebristalk than others. (i.e. John Mayer)
"I don't really use twitter for anything but Celebristalking. ...and I'm finding out that my favorite celebrities are incredibly boring."

"Oh man! I just found out that Miley Cyrus is on twitter! I am SO going to Celebristalk her."
by isthiscanon July 01, 2009
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(plural: Fritters)
n) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter - essentially, a Friend on Twitter.

Likely, this friend is either of the wrong age or lives too far away to be a real life friend, but is someone who you can constantly have tweet-based conversations with.
"So I was talking to one of my fritters the other night..."
"Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link..."

example_user: Goodnight #fritters! It was good talking to you. I <3 my fritters!
by isthiscanon October 07, 2009
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