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often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect
she lusted after him, his eyes, his hair, his body
by Tori September 05, 2003
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A large physical attraction for an individual, that is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable.

Often confused with love.

Lust is not love if you don't wish to anything other than have sex with someone.
When ever I saw him, all I wanted to do was kiss him, and touch him. Strange how I never wanted to talk to him. It must have been lust.
by Trixiedust June 13, 2004
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its when you want to touch them so bad. but you dont because you dont know what they want. its when your with them, your dying for their touch, their lips their hands on your body. its when they touch you and even though you know its wrong you cant stop. its this feeling in your gut that makes you do wild things. and this unending thought in your head when your with them.

its confused with the word love. but people got it all wrong, its not love, its what comes with love, its in the package.
i just wanted his lips with mine. "lust"
by l3Xx♥ May 25, 2009
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Not considered love all you wish is to have sex with someone your attracted to
Chad : Last night I boned Kiersten so hard with my large cock!
Jake : Yeah right asshole Kiersten was in my bed fucking me!
Chad : Oh but I fucked her in my dream just like I used to before she met you!
Jake : Dude if you don't stop this Lust for my girlfriend I'm gonna kick your ass!
Chad : I would love to sick my cock in your ass!
Jake : Dude you better run!
by SlopNChop May 30, 2017
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The feeling of wanting someone up against your skin and lips so badly that it makes you hurt inside.

The feeling between the two of you is so magnetic and strong that you can't contain it.

It's not just sex. It's the want and the need to be physically close to someone that you feel so passionately about it's unreal.
Lust is not love, though it feels like it.
by Danielle Danielle January 11, 2009
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1. Excessive obsession over something.
2. Being sexually attracted to one another. Often mistaken for love.
by dj gs68 October 24, 2003
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