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excrements of the gigantic flaps of meat below your back; see poop
oh my god! I've never seen anyone chug that much butt mudd at once.
by isaac January 5, 2004
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An absolute funk/punk masterpiece presented to us by the red hot chili peppers. Riddled with awesome trumpeting ,its makes one so happy just to hear them deep grooves coming out the speakers. Produced by the 'epic mythological profilic genius' himseld Dr Funkinstein, George Clinton, this record remains a definitive and substantial musical statement, and from the words of Flea it falls into the category 'Too funky for white radio, too punk rockin for black.'
'That blackeyed beauty with the golden crotch, French electric sex a cock shocking swamp fox'
Blackeyed Blonde

'Say it loud I'm freaky styley and I'm proud!' Freakystyley

'Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the death of a race is a game' American Ghost Dance

'But let me tell you little boy, She'll clean your clock'
Blackeyed blonde

'Nevermind the Soft Cell shit
That's strictly for the twits
Nevermind the Men At Work
Those tunes are for the jerks
Cause we're The Red Hot Chili Peppers'

'Thirty dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms'
Thirty Dirty Birds
'Deep inside the soul hole
Of Mother Earth
Father Time came
With a supersonic supersonic burst
His soul monkey sperm tribes
Racing to be first'

et al..........
by isaac May 9, 2005
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Someone who deeply loves industrial music. They tend to hate nature, love machinery, and are very powerful. They may or may not like the military, but always wear things that either a army soldier or engineer wears, esp. some sort of goggles. A rivethead is usually very angry or/bitter. Despite the fact that most rivetheads can be identified by steel-toed military boots, long hair that has parts of the sideburns shaved, a trenchcoat, and a t-shirt of some obscure german-band/computer game, there is a thing such as a "Closet Rivethead". Closet Rivetheads are known to attend a prep school where they are generally regarded as a terrorist-in-training/neo-nazi, and therefore to avoid conflict will often conform to school dress codes while in school, which forms a striking contrast to his appearance outside of school. NOTE: Most Rivetheads are existentialists/nihilists.

Despite their engineer/soldier appearance, most Rivetheads are actually writers.
A Rivethead? Don't you mean a geek with a bad attitude?
by isaac January 24, 2004
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a (rock) group that has more in the name of stompboxes, distortion pedals, phazers, flangers, etc than talent.
"We went to the club last night to hear that band everyone was talking about, but they were just a pedal band."
by isaac June 16, 2006
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hearsay denotes this as raunchy. like scheisse porn.
"dude, i cant believe you gave him dheadh."
by isaac April 10, 2005
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The act of negrossifying; the attempt of a non-black person to become or pretend to become black.
The negrossification of white American teenagers has caused a decline in literacy among today's youth.
by isaac November 10, 2005
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