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A person who wants to be something they're not naturally, or not talented at. The most common cases are the guy who does sports he sucks at to gain approval from the jocks, the girl who acts like a drama queen to be interesting when it's not her, the gamer who isn't good at the game but won't learn nor give in, and anyone who tries to act cool and into trends when they're the exact opposite.
Mody: That guy's a try-hard, he wants to be cool but all he actually cares about getting diplomas and good grades.
by internetless October 31, 2015
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A site with slang, being constantly updated to keep up with pop culture. Useful for anyone who's slow on picking up slang for whatever reason, and for explaining it to people who are too autistic to get it by word of mouth or from hearing and reading examples.
Denny: What's custy mean? I always mix it up with disgusting.
Joel: Search it up on Urban Dictionary man.
by internetless October 28, 2015
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