a term used by people with stuffy noses to indicate that another person is stupid or has just done something stupid.
person 1: this new akon video is awesome!
person 2: you are a dubass. *sniffles*
by Kaybublz April 27, 2007
A person who calls any electronic-sounding music for dubstep or Skrillex because they don't know squat about music genres.
1: Bruh, those beats are GREAT. Who wrote this stuff?
2: Yo, I think it's dubstep.
1: Just because it's electronic doesn't make it dubstep, dubass.
by internetless March 28, 2015
Dubass is an ironic term for "Dumbass". Spelled incorrectly on purpose.
That guy is a dubass.

Bunch of dubasses.
by Choo-Choo McGrew February 16, 2007