4 definitions by idakothetricky

a laptop computer that is either slow or unworkable by comparison to other similar products. or is unusable due to excessive viewing of internet pornography
man 1: hey man i tried to download that attachment from your email but my craptop got a blue screen stating there was a kernel in-page stack error 3 times in a row.
man 2: fuck, man you wouldnt have that trouble if you weren't using those porn links from 4chan
by idakothetricky March 1, 2013
The act of masturbating to the sound of a roommate trying to quietly fornicate a male/female that they have brought home
I hate it when Bob asks his lady friends to moan into the pillow instead of out loud, it totally ruins my Intercontinental threesome
by idakothetricky February 5, 2014
The Snorlax challenge is to eat six paczki's in a span of 15 minutes
Joe: did you see Bob try the Snorlax challenge? It was hilarious

Ken: yeah I didn’t think he would have even gotten to 4
Bob:(into trashcan) blueeeeehhh I hate you guys
by idakothetricky March 4, 2014
when a mildly attractive woman invites a man into her home/apartment after a date to have coitus
man 1: how did your date go last night?
man 2: not bad if i wasn't so plastered i would have realized she was only Lukewarm coffee.
man 1: booze is a bastard
man 2: never again
by idakothetricky June 27, 2012