6 definitions by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough

1- a distraction
2- the feeling you get when you really need to take a shit
1- uh, HEY look! An Overwhelming Number Of Beavers

2- Let me in before I let out An overwhelming Amount Of Beavers, and you're gonna be the one cleaning it up.
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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Shaking My Head Orgasm
When you just came to some really below average shit.
Porno: Now we are gonna try a cabbage

Watcher: I can't believe I just came to a cabbage. Smho
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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10: Marry on the spot, perfect score, makes you cry alittle on the inside becuase hot damn.
9: amazing friend, really good relationship, candidate for marriage

8:really good friend, good relationship, very possible love interest

7: good friend, possible love interest

6: alright friend, above average, but not by much, small time love interest
5: alright person, not to shabby, good if you're desperate,

4: meh, at least your not alone
3: really man, this is the best you can find? Suit yourself I guess
2: you need to reevaluate your life choices, there's still some hope, but act fast. At least she isn't a 1 won't cut it forever.
1: straight psychobitch, just end it quick now, trust me, I dated a 0

0: ... *whispers* halp... me...
Guy: ah man, I totally just got a 7 on the 1-10 female attractiveness scale!
Man: ah righteous man, I just got a 6!
Dude in the corner holding hands with Satan herself: Must be nice...
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough August 28, 2016
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When you forget something that you should know by heart. Like that one time Harrison Ford forgot what carbonite was on Graham Norton
I just pulled a Harrison Ford when I forgot the pledge of allegiance over the Intercom
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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A person who is not only a Faggot, but also, against all odds, a douchebag
Guy: God, just stop being such a faggodouche
Faggodouche: why don't you make me big boi
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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An acronym for the phrase "Fucking Answer My Question(s)"
Guy: how do I open PowerPoint?
Dude: Google it you faggot.
Guy: dude. FAMQ or GTFO.
Dude: alight, Jesus.

#GTFO #Jesus
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough August 30, 2016
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