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Acronym standing for "shaking my head off".

Derived from the online acronym smh (shaking my head), this phrase describes the action taken by someone who's so disappointed in an event or action, their only sensible reaction is to literally shake their head off of their own shoulders. Not to be confused with lmao (laughing my ass off), which is usually reserved for moments of hilarity.
T_Bird262: i just got back from the best concert of my life!!1
Dave2012: 4real? who u c?
T_Bird262: justin bieberzz!!
Dave2012: smho.
by Notsofunnymeow January 09, 2011
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SMHO pronounced like Foe is short for "Super Motherfuckin Ho" can also be used as Smho's to describe groups of multiple super hoes.
" Dang fool I saw you take that bitch to Ruby Tuesdays, don't fall in love cause you know she's a Smho!"

" Girl you're actin like a real smho right about now "

" Maybe if you didn't run with them smho's then you wouldn't get tried up all the time"
by King Diop June 08, 2007
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Shaking My Head Orgasm
When you just came to some really below average shit.
Porno: Now we are gonna try a cabbage

Watcher: I can't believe I just came to a cabbage. Smho
by icecreamsometimesisn'tenough September 18, 2016
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"Shit My Heart Out" Whenever you've had a long night if drinking and your stomach just can't handle the next morning. That's when you decide to leave your bed and say
"See ya later, lads. I'm about to go SMHO"

"SMHO this morning when I woke up, last night was brutal on my tummy"
by rockontheriverbed September 04, 2011
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