An exaggerated form of help, usually used when in distress.

Can also be a chatspeak form of help.
"HALP! I tied mah legs together and I can't get them untied!"

"I not needs a halp"
by Jennsiffer February 13, 2010
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Halping is non-helpful helping. Derived from a childlike mispronounciation of "helping", halping can be committed by people of all ages, and refers originally to the cheerful non-help provided by children attempting ordinary chores or tasks for the first time.

Halping has since been expanded to refer to any behavior performed with the intention of aiding someone but which instead results in more work or a negative emotional response, often cheerfully not realizing that they are not helping.
"You know, like when your three year old is “halping” you make dinner and it just means that you have to do twice as much work and then give them a bath? Like that. Only less cute."
by BillyBillyBillyBillyBilly December 12, 2011
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Halp is a really important message, for help. If you get this message, you must go the person right away. Commonly found in video games, such as DN(Dragon Nest) when you are in a party.

"What is it?!"




"OK, OK. OMW!"
by darkcreep1245 January 25, 2017
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1) Help.

2) Favorite word of Code Zero, used when he is in distress.
1) HALP! How do I surf the net!?

2) Aarun: dood rawns not gona do bootz no moer
Code Zero: lol HALP!
by _Doom.Gaze October 2, 2004
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Halp, is when you Help someone. Often in the most Amusing and trollish way possible. Halping someone often results in far worse, if more entertaining problems.
I'm Halping!
by The Scaled King November 29, 2018
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Halp is another word for Help. It's a word to attract species to come lend a hand or voice. It won't do anything when you need help escaping Dexter. :)
"HALP I'm being stalked for 1 day to a week, maybe a month if i'm sneaky. I then got injected with an animal tranquilizer. I was undressed and wrapped in plastic wrap, with the room full of plastic wrap to keep fingerprints and blood out of the room. There's a strange man that is kind of handsome. He was probably the one who tranquilized me. He's showing me pictures of the women and men i've killed. I am crying right now, can you hear it? Ahh. He then stabs me. I am dea..." (This was one sentence, I just added periods because i'm on my period. Thank you.)
by Doht Cahm August 13, 2019
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