9 definitions by ibiwisi666

That Joe brings his god into everything - he's a complete BTL!
by ibiwisi666 January 22, 2014
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A far-right, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic or otherwise vile bot account on social media.
Those scumbots are up early - must be because Moscow is two hours ahead of us.
by ibiwisi666 March 08, 2020
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A particularly obvious and stupid hairpiece on a particularly obvious and stupid mantrumpè trumpee
Who does he think he's kidding about his hair - that Trumpé sticks out a mile!
by ibiwisi666 March 12, 2017
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Thick as double-concentrated pig shit
Brexcists still insist the referendum result was honest - they're as TADCPS
by ibiwisi666 February 25, 2019
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Vertical Mamillary Mode, i.e. tits up
They were suppliers to the leisure industry, so they've gone into VMM and called in the beancounters.
by ibiwisi666 October 19, 2020
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That customer really messed us around last time, so I'm going to add in a ten percent FYF this time.
by ibiwisi666 January 13, 2015
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God-Bothering Arsehole
Those Brethren and JWs are just different types of GBAs
by ibiwisi666 July 01, 2021
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