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A 2D, indie, pixel game first developed by Robinson Technologies and Hamumu games. In my opinion a very underated game that deserves way more attention. It’s a fun, weird game similar to Minecraft but you can grow almost anything on trees. I would totally suggest trying to play, once you get the hand of it, it’s very fun.

It can also be referred to as “GT”,not to be confused with GTA
Friend: Wanna play Growtopia

Other friend: Sure!
by iGood July 27, 2018
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I'm going to say something else.

The name "Regan" translates to "Little king" and is a "unisex" name. (Both genders)

As a Regan myself, please do not call other Regan's Reagan, it is very annoying and frustrating D:<

(Unless that Regan is annoying, then feel free to do so.)

I would talk more about Regan's, but I would be bias, if you do know a Regan respect them. (And don't call them Reagan)
Regan, not to be confused with Reagan :)
by iGood August 7, 2018
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He likes to hit the dab

If you don’t get the joke please leave
He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa
by iGood January 7, 2019
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The better and smarter version of the ultimate comeback: No u.

When said it makes you sound smarter and also confuses the crap out of the victim, if their IQ is not above 9000.
Person 1: You’re mom is straightn’t
Person 2: No u
Person 1: Yesn’t u
Person 2: No u^2
Person 1: Nobelium Uranium
Person 2: Oof
by iGood July 27, 2018
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When a simple no is just not enough, it is also good for confusing people.
Person 1: Your mom is ghay
Person 2: yesn’t u
*Person 1 dies*
by iGood July 27, 2018
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Something that Gordan Ramsay still can’t find, but needs in his life.
by iGood July 27, 2018
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Something that Lil Pump and 6ix9ine have.

It can also look alright in some circumstances.
by iGood October 3, 2018
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