Noise made when driving a car (drifting/turning hard) and wheels screeching. Also slang used a lot in rap to move away/get away from somebody
example 1: did you see me in drift on that road?! i was like skrrt boi!!!
example 2: y'all see me pullin up in my whip skrrt skrrt!!!!!
example 3: when i see that thottie michelle I'm like skrrt!
by Jamil.D December 15, 2015
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when youre in an awkward situation and you have to get out of it.
ex: That situation got so awkward i had to skrrt right outta there.
by skrrtskrrt9873 December 30, 2017
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Sound that mumble rapper produces to indicate homage or citation of ancient greek philosopher Socrates
I know that I know nothing (skrrt!)
by nadbrovni September 20, 2019
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sound referring to the product of cocaine - crossing a glass jar with a fork
rappers use "skrrt" as addlips , referring to making cocaine
by ImSoIcedOutThatIt'sWinter December 26, 2017
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Adlib used by rappers, often mocking the sounds of tires squeeling, but the earliest uses of Skrrt were actually supposed to be the sounds of a Fork scraping a pot while cooking up crack cocaine. This was used in early hood rap and eventually turned into what it is now.
Fork hit the pot, nigga, skrtt skrrt skrrt skrrt
by Filthy615 May 10, 2018
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