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Noise made when driving a car (drifting/turning hard) and wheels screeching. Also slang used a lot in rap to move away/get away from somebody
example 1: did you see me in drift on that road?! i was like skrrt boi!!!
example 2: y'all see me pullin up in my whip skrrt skrrt!!!!!
example 3: when i see that thottie michelle I'm like skrrt!
by Jamil.D March 24, 2016
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when youre in an awkward situation and you have to get out of it.
ex: That situation got so awkward i had to skrrt right outta there.
by skrrtskrrt9873 December 30, 2017
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Sound made by an excited person. Do you still have no idea of what I'm talking about?
Boy 1: "Aye man, I've just fucked that pretty bitch!"

Boy 2 "Damn, you did it! Skrrt!"

Check out 2 Chainz's Birthday Song if you want to hear this beautiful word.
by TheAlmightySocrates January 24, 2016
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A noice made by anyone to great a fellow friend, to show everyone ur turnt or to annoy ur mum in the car when she turns a corner
Mum: *turns corner*
Mum:What the ducking is wrong with u I'm concentrating,DO U WANT ME TO FUCKING CRASH!!!
by Domington Godard May 14, 2017
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