A dance move, a movement when one moves both hands to left
Person one "Did he really just hit the dab?" Person two "The hood never rests"
by Juicy Jenna December 16, 2015
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Hitting a dab, a type of concentrated thc oil.
"You're up anon. Gonna hit the dab or not?"

Anon never did hit the dab. He never recovered and died of ligma shortly after.
by HeilHonkler July 06, 2020
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its when you just fucking spice shit up in a party yo

if you dont give me your pizza i will HITTING THE DAB
by joltor May 29, 2018
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a futuristic game show that includes the game show host, Dane the white ass wna be FuckBoi, to say "Hit That Dab!" enthusiastically along with the audience
After the commercial ended, Dane said, "Alright, the next contestant, Gus Gus, will now 'Hit that Dab!'"
by Mikeyyy <3 September 13, 2016
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When someone or something gets out of a uncomfortable situation really fast they Skert and Hit the Dab
"Damn, Kelly the other day was telling me about how her boyfriend wanted to Alabama butterfinger and so I Skert and Hit the Dab.
by calmdownitsjustcancer April 30, 2019
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