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a random amount or number
lil jon and the eastside boys - "kuz i been to da club bout fifty-leven times"
by i dont know September 04, 2003

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a pice of shit channel that now sux
its a waste of time for people who are tryin to channel surf
theres too many mtv's
by i dont know October 12, 2003

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An intense sexual postion, involving vertical insertion.
Yo did Johnny really spruce goose nick's mom?
by I Dont Know February 12, 2005

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a semi-cool kid who thinks he's the shit
I met this kid named Zenger at this weird hotel...and we once wrote a porno.
by i dont know January 17, 2004

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having to take a poop
i have to take a DOOKIE
by i dont know March 24, 2005

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person who is white on the outsied and black on the inside (a white perosn who TRIES to act black)
Ian is the biggest milanno ever.
by i dont know March 13, 2003

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an anus butthole ECT
she likes the cornhole filled with dick
by i dont know December 13, 2003

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