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The pimp-meister, the king of the streetwalkers, possessor of the blingest of bling-bling. The mac daddy is the man who means everything (and the only man who really means anything) to his ladies of the night.
"Oh baby - you ma mac daddy!"
by hux May 22, 2003

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1. (British slang, esp. Asian, i.e. Indian, Pakistani, etc.)

Contraction of "isn't it", "isn't he/she", "aren't they", "isn't there" and many other end-of-sentence questions. For greatest effect use in places where it would make no sense whatsoever if expanded.

2. General positive exclamation meaning "yes, I agree!"
1. "Hey dere's some pigs in dat cop car over there innit?"
"Yo look at my new car innit!"

2. Raj: "Da Matrix is to'ally cool!"
Nisha: "Innit!"
by hux May 22, 2003

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(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.
by hux May 22, 2003

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Literally, a person born within earshot of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church in what is now the City of London. However, technically speaking there can be no cockneys born after 1945 since the bells were destroyed by German bombs during WWII.

Today the term has expanded to encompass not only those from East London specifically but from London in general. The latter tends to be attributed by non-Londoners, stemming from their ignorance of the true meaning of the word.
by hux May 31, 2003

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1. The end of a joint.
2. (British slang) The bit of rolled-up cardboard you put at the mouth-end of a joint.
by hux May 22, 2003

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A spacecraft used to defend against the forces of Cats in the gramatically historica Sega Genesis game, Zero Wing.

Without the Zigs all our base really would have belong to them.

See also aybabtu.
"Take off every Zig!"
by hux May 22, 2003

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Describes an individual who carries the bogan gene and lacks essential moral scruples. They usually carry packets of winnie blues, drink emu exports with their frosties, and scopes out shazza chicks all day. An Uggybundy is a turbo-charged yobbo, who will stop at nothing to crank some doughies on your front-lawn with their beat-up, but fully sick, utes - if given the chance.
Trev mate, what happened to my lawn? i think that uggybundy we met last night did it... he had a nice ute though. Oh hang on... where's my tv too? bloody uggybundies!
by Hux May 19, 2008

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