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Bernshevik, noun, a play on the word Bolshevik, a group led by Lenin that seized control of the government in Russia in 1917 and introduced a socialist economic system, to describe a dedicated follower of Bernie Sanders, an advocate for a socialistic future for the United States.
The Bernsheviks are determined to move the United States towards a socialist utopia even though such economic systems fail wherever they are tried. See Venezuela or Cuba.
by hoipolloiboy February 04, 2020

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An action in which Republicans must drop any pretense of standing for their values and submit to the preferred Democrat position. This action only works in one direction. Democrats are never expected to reciprocate and surrender their values and support the Republican position on anything.
Senator John McCain was a master of bipartisanship as he would always vote the way the Democrats told him to thereby reneging on his campaign promises.
by hoipolloiboy August 27, 2018

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Demedia is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party disguised as independent media such ABCNNBCBS and most major metropolitan "news"papers in the US.
The Demedia works tirelessly and hand-in-hand with the Democrat Party to promote their messages enabling them to lie without fear of accountability a real media would hold them too.
by hoipolloiboy September 26, 2019

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Libiots living in Oregon
C'mon Oregonuts, if Commiefornians can pump their own gas so can you.
by hoipolloiboy December 31, 2017

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An acronym term to describe alleged conservative traits.

Only a sixhirb would not support immigration reform.
by hoipolloiboy November 29, 2016

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Short for Millennial, as in the Millennial Generation, a retort, usually used disparagingly in response to a Millennial trying to put down an older person as in "Okay, Boomer. You’re trying to sell this as something cool? We're not falling for it."
Okay, Millie. Yours is the generation that is voting overwhelmingly for left wingers. You ARE falling for it.
by hoipolloiboy November 30, 2019

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