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Commonly used between two 'Bffs' (best friends forever) to describe the state of being Bff's.

Just like friends have their friendship. Bff's have their Bffness.
Mary: Bee! i think our Bffness is deteriorating drastically!
Jen: What do you mean Eff? Since when?
Mary: Since you've been hanging out with Sally!
Jen: I think your just being paranoid... your my Bff and our Bffness will last forever!
by HmmfCreator May 27, 2009

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A variation of the words, 'best friends,' or 'best friends forever.' Commonly used between two BFFs once the name 'Bff' becomes over-used and old, however, Bestie will never become more popular than Bff because BFF will always remain the original, and true name for Best Friends.
Mary: Ok I have new nick-names for us.
Jen: Yep?
Mary: Besties.
Jen: Ok bestie!
Mary: Wub you bestie!
by HmmfCreator June 11, 2009

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The state of sucking upto, following, hanging around or loving someone or something.

See Bum.
'Richard is bumming Anthony because he wants to borrow cash.'

'My little sister is always bumming me, it's so annoying.'

Sally: Why are Mary and Jen always bumming?
Melanie: I think they are bffs.

by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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An alternative way of saying 'Goodbye' or 'Bye'
The opposite of Hoy.
Mary: Hoy!
Jen: Hoy!
Mary: Oh g2g Boy!
Jen: Boy!
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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An abbreviation of the word 'BEST' from 'Best Friends' or 'Bff.' Typically used between two Bff's who have created nicknames for each other from 'BFF,' one friend is Bee and the other is Eff Eff or just Eff for short.

Spellings of this word be can range from, 'B to Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' It's up to you and your friend to add as many e's as you wish.
Mary: Hey bee
Jen: Hey Eff
Mary: Bee i'm in such a hmmf :(
Jen: Don't worry we'll be bee's and eff's forever
by HmmfCreator May 27, 2009

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An unpleasant and offensive adjective, used to describe an unnatractive, and overweight individual.
by HmmfCreator June 05, 2009

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An alternative way of saying, 'Hey' or 'Hi' which originated in conversations between two BFFs.
Jen: Hey... i mean hoy...

Jen: That HoyGirl is SO ANNOYING.
Sally: Yeah wtf is Hoy?
Jen: I don't know i just go along with it.
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009

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