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Act of sex involving a man placing his penis between a womans breasts and rampantly moving back and forth.
Natalie Stukins gives bombay rolls to every one.
by hitman May 14, 2004

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A complete tool, A Jerk, knob, idiot, turd, git, gimboid etc, etc.
"That guy is a total Fuck Arse"
by hitman February 12, 2004

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Farmer's Union Iced Coffee.
"Get Me a FUIC from the shop."
by hitman March 30, 2004

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A very poor person who has no friends.
You are a spamz0r! HAHAHAHAHAH!
by Hitman March 20, 2003

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The state of being gay, homosexual or just a big poof. Also, Fagnacity.
Just look at the Fagnacious way He is walking.
by hitman February 09, 2004

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A travel agency that provides coach trips.
I just went to Bakers' Dolphin.
by HiTmAN December 27, 2003

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A phrase used to describe an event where someone does something in completely the wrong fashion.
Oh Derek, you've made a complete hash of this.
by HiTmAN December 26, 2003

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