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abomination (noun): in the classical sense, abominations are individuals absent human qualities. however, the modern use of the word generally refers to monsters of the ginger variety.

abominations will occasionally walk among the earth and take the guise of a correct human being. these are referred to as "daywalkers". daywalker behavior should not be confused as a disowning of its demonic origins, rather, a guise to infiltrate and sabotage the functional world. as such, daywalkers may be considered the vanguard of the ginger horde; trained to pave the way for their future designs.

the rest of the abomination population makes no effort to suppress their behavior. they are commonly known for their dangerous habits and mannerisms. abominations are fiercely territorial and savage. exposure to sunlight is a consistently effective deterrent to abomination activity.

abominations are extremely dangerous and of low intelligence/worth. exercise extreme caution.
And from the fiery and rank pits of hell sprang the worst creation: the abomination and its opinions.
by high speed and hooah April 22, 2011
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(adj): describes someone of unparalleled retardation to such an extent to present a threat to the psychological, mental, or physical health of others.
by high speed and hooah November 16, 2010
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Describes the token (attractive) female in a predominately male environment, such as an engineering department. Typically the center of unwanted advancements and conversely a target of opportunity for her male colleagues.
"I heard Laura is studying mechanical engineering at Purdue... She's gonna be the prized pig of all the nerds."

"Finally, a cute girl showed up in the office."

"She's not that good, you're just getting desperate."
"Fuck it, I'm going poaching for my prized pig."
by high speed and hooah December 27, 2012
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(n): a profile ranger is a term for us military personnel who are, seemingly endlessly, on profile. As such, they participate in reconditioning in lieu of actually doing pt, rarely take their respective physical fitness tests, and are completely incapable of such basic and mindless tasks as walking, drilling, or rucking.

upon failure to employ a sufficient excuse to keep themselves out of physical activity, profile rangers without hesitation invent physical ailments and proudly proclaim them to the nearest attending medic. Like a biological system restoring homeostatic balance, the profile ranger reverses this temporary fluctuation in their heart rate through trickery and nonsensical speech as though the mere thought of moving their jaw is physically exhausting.
Why is Jones not joining us for the FTX?
Because he's on walking profile.
Oh, did he break his leg?
No, he's a profile ranger.

Day, by day, and all through the night, I'm on profile....
by high speed and hooah November 23, 2010
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gutter child (noun): a gutter child is a member of the broader breed of individuals who fall on the bottom of the social pecking order. as opposed to people with useful and redeemable qualities, gutter children exhibit mannerisms making them fundamentally incompatible with the broader population.

for example, gutter children typically enjoy a distressing fascination with japanese anime. the wear of naruto branded gear to include the trademarked abstinence headbands can be considered a common identifier of gutter children, along with animal clothing.

the gutter child also demonstrates excessive sexual deviance. they will typically select the fat or hideous for their mates, in order to soothe their innate sense of inferiority to their natural betters. furthermore, gutter children exhibit exceedingly limited control of their emotions, often breaking down into an emasculated tantrum with alarming frequency. the gutter child thus may be considered a non-pubescent individual.

sharp objects may in fact force the gutter children to darwinize themselves, eliminating their cursed genes from the pool. unfortunately, these attempts may fall into a greater romantic scheme often influenced by their favorite music. this solution is inadvisable, given the resulting cleanup complications: the pen ink used to give themselves bitch tattoos coagulates with the blood, leading to a thick sticky substance insoluble to water and most cleaning solutions.
I walked in on a brood of horrid smelling individuals diddling some 32 sided dice. I must have found the gutter children.
by high speed and hooah May 20, 2011
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