5 definitions by heavygrape

if someone is skoud, they are a role model, an inspiration, and a woman magnet. he has maxed out his stats, and reached the peak of life.
"omg its skoud look omg!!!! osdsdfsdfgdfgb"
"rocke5 leauge"
by heavygrape November 23, 2022
a hot impressionable young man who is a father of 6 children
yeah i just became an apfel my dick is on fire because i have clamidia
by heavygrape July 6, 2022
i man who wanks to geometry dash and terraria hentai at the same time
yeah i just did a maxdildo ong
by heavygrape July 6, 2022
doing a classic luciano is where you nut on the toilet seat and make a quick escape, also known as an ejaculate and evacuate
“fuckkkk i just did a classic luciano againnnnn ohmygod what will happen when my sister sees”
-probably luciano
by heavygrape July 7, 2022
The opposite of a classic Luciano, when a Luciano does said classic Luciano and Luciano forces his sister, probably called Eva, to clean it up with her mouth and pussy.
Eva probs: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklklklkkkkjkjkhjk i just did a classic Eva its the 5th time this week and its only a Tuesday my pussy is drenched of KFC
by heavygrape August 5, 2022