10 definitions by havocker

Words coming out of somebody's mouth which has no informational content
The consultant talks a good game but all thats coming out of his mouth is hawking radiation
by havocker May 10, 2010
One of the bizarre new religions in California, masquerading as a burger chain. Their secrets and mysteries include the "Neapolitan Shake" and the "Animal Style Fries"
I need some In-n-Out right now!
by havocker February 20, 2009
when two pieces of geekdom combine to form something so awesomely geeky its orgasmic. Examples: lego x star-wars, star-wars x transformers, joss whedon's dr horrible as a 8 bit nintendo game
I saw the lego planet express and it was synergeeksmatic!
by havocker June 5, 2010
young ladies, ranging from high schoolers to twentysomethings, who show up at Yankee stadium or when the Yankees are in town. Distinguished by short shorts showing off their legs, blonde manes inpeccably styled, perfect tans, and the '2' on their back
When Jeter comes to town, so do the Jeterettes
by havocker May 3, 2010
A woman with blonde hair who fits the man's idea of feminine beauty so perfectly they need to clone 3-4 of her for every man on the planet. Examples: Rebecca Romijin, Kristen Bell, Alexis Bledel, Scarlett Johanssen
Look at that protoblonde! We need a million more like her.
by havocker May 24, 2010
Is Agricola a Catanic game where you can trade sheep for wood?
by havocker May 8, 2010
The plural of ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. You have one ex but many exen
All my shoes came from shopping with the exen
by havocker May 14, 2010