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see monkey
Did you ever notice that George Bush closely resembles curious george?
by hater May 12, 2004

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Punk rock god.
Johnny Rotten was awesome...
by Hater November 29, 2003

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Sister channel to MTV that now sucks almost as much as MTV
MTV2 now shows "Diary", "Making The Video" and other crappy shows once only shown on MTV
by HATER April 26, 2003

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Girls who cant keep shit to themselves and who love to cause drama amongst their fellow peers.
"Fawn lake girls are bitches"
by Hater March 21, 2005

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Mostly a bunch of rich snobs who gain and loose friends like fat. Liked by the preps hated by everyone else. They live in the hell hole Fawn Lake with their own pool, tennis courts, and shuttle system. They love tropical smoothie, enjoy being caught at parties. But they love the attention and their parents dont care so who gives a fuck.
"Damn those fawn lake girls"
"Fuck fawn lake girls"
"You live in fawn lake...Can I have 5 bucks."
by Hater March 17, 2005

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A shortening for the term "motherfucker". Can be used as (1)a term of endearment, (2)casual reference, (3) term of reference for any given place or area. Also spelled as "mofo".
(1) That dude's one badass moh foh.
(2) That's the moh foh who cracked on that fuckin' piper that last week.
(3) I'm outta this moh foh.
by hater July 22, 2003

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A Gay bastard that roams wrestling message boards
"Top rope talk (TRT)" < a wrestling message board
by Hater August 07, 2004

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