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the theory that states that all older sisters are hot no matter what

if some girl is ugly and then has a younger brother born
she will miraculously become hot

the older the younger sibling, and the better you know them, the more satisfactory it is to gawk at their sister
especially if the younger sibling is male

if there is a not hot older sister:
1-they have a penis
2-they have a disorder
3-they are bangable at the very least
4-they do not really have younger siblings
5-you are living a lie
guy1-i bet your sister is hot
guy2-how would you know?
guy3-older sister theory, duh.
guy1-id love to watch her in a porno
guy3-rule 34 man
guy2-i assure you there is no porn of my sister
guy1-rule 35
by handsomevirgil January 16, 2010

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sexy, and stunning, but not in a "huge boobs knocking you on the head" way.
Megan Fox is sultry.
by handsomevirgil August 18, 2009

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two female friends that have attractive breasts, and are comfortable enough to take a bath with each other, change in front of each other, and when photographed, usually will pose close enough for their breasts to smush against each other. ( derived from besties )
Joe: You know Megan and April have been getting close to each other, lately.

Mac: Yeah I know, have you seen Megan's profile pic?

Joe: The one with both of them in it?

Mac: Uh-hun, they are such breasties.
by handsomevirgil November 07, 2009

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a shower taken when you are about to be part of an important event such as a party, or when you are going to tackle a challenge. the shower is not done till you leave the bathroom

for the duration of the shower you may use your best soap, wash cloth, toothpaste, etc.

if you do not come out of the shower with your game face on, you did it wrong

possibly the best shower known to man
(don't forget to gaze into the mirror)
Jeff was late for his own party because he was in the gametime shower.
by handsomevirgil February 27, 2010

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when a person sometimes curses and jerks head down in a sneezing motion
Ezra has a naughty nostril.
by handsomevirgil August 19, 2009

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the theory that states that yamakas are a major cause of balding in the jewish community.

1-yamakas are worn around the top of the head
2-many balding jews go bald around the yamaka area

theory-yamakas block the sun's nutrients to the head, thus causing baldness
guy1- oh look that guy is wearing a yamaka
guy2- i bet hes going bald
guy1- yamaka theory?
guy2- yea
by handsomevirgil January 16, 2010

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A form of sexual fingering that uses only the middle and ring fingers simultaneously.
"Yo, this chick was all like, 'Reverse spiderman me, bitch,' and I totally did." (Followed by high-five)
by handsomevirgil January 10, 2010

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