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Gestures, finger-spells and handsigns taught to a dog in order to train 'him/her' to respond to English words as orders!
Bow-linguistics are not the end of the story: alongside the 'dogsitter' and the must-have 'chewy' or chew toy, there's 'canine-freestyling', or handling a K9 to the sounds of hip-hop music! Dogis (dog yogis!) that train your dogfriend some 'doga' and when your dog turns 13, you can throw him a 'Bark Mitzvah' party, or why don't you get a 'barkitect' to build your 'furkids' an uber-stylish doghouse --ooopsies! 'barkitecture'? 'Muttiquette' (mutt etiquette) comes handy for your 'companion animal' should you be in a public place and want to avoid unexpected behavior ; And, if you're feeling lonely go adopt a 'dogter' (she-dog daughter) and get her some kiddens (kid-replacement kittens) for company!

This must be, TEOTWAWKI!
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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