16 definitions by gwen

a way of saying "that's cool" by wazian gangstah wannabees
dude JMT is chill as fuck
by gwen January 20, 2005
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a faggot who has a 2mm penis that fucks milkbags and has sex with random people but dont worry he brought a ''used condom from ebay'' (be sure to look up ''used condom on ebay they have them X.X) BWAHAHA LITTLE WARRIOR CONDOMS!
''jordo put on that condom befor i kick your ass i dont want no ugly ass baby with a 2mm >;o wtf loser FUCK IT YOU BOUGHT A USED CONDOM''
by gwen March 12, 2005
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That guy from SchoolScandals.
Sp00f owns SchoolScandals
by gwen April 6, 2005
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the hottest twins that ever walked the earth!! ow owwww!! super sexy punk rockerz! haha
Can you believe how unbelieveably hottttt benji and joel madden were at the concert!?!?!?!?
by gwen March 18, 2005
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when you get a quiet thought or idea. also can mean an expression of something.
In a few instances resentment flashed across my mother face. then she'd get very calm and explain to us boys that dad loved us.
by gwen December 14, 2003
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friends are some one who like you for who you are not beqacuse of ur stile of stuff their there cuz there they are friends and some of them try to trick you if you have you have alot of mony and they pretend to like you so they can steal your mony those people who ar like that make me sick i used to have a friend like that she wuz really bossy and mean and told lies she blamed every thing that she did wrong she did wrong so i always got in truble when she wuz the 1 who did it it felt like she wuz taking over my life and i hated her i never got the chance to say stop doing wutever she did wrong at that time then when i got the chance i sed to "stop pushing me arong you blame everything on me its not fair so just stop i had enough already u cant take over me life its just not faif u can't do that"then she went to an other school a few month later and i wuz reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happt it wuz 1 of the happest days of my life !!!!!! go me go me go me i did not know better to have a friend like her i wuz 5 !it wuz not right i had to say that cuz she wuz takin over my life
it wuz driven me crazy it wuz horrable she wuz like trin to take over my life i hated it it wuz anoing
by gwen March 21, 2005
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