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Noun: An endearing “ditto” response to a message from a loved one as noted in the movie Ghost, one of the greatest love stories of all time.
Message: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Response: Patrick Swayze!
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by guysm1ley November 27, 2020

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Noun: A type of sandwich consisting of ground beef and a tomato-based sauce like Manwich served on a hamburger roll.
Person One: Can you brown some hamburger, please? Let's have Manwich for dinner.
Person two: Oh you mean, a Sloppy Dan?
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by guysm1ley December 02, 2020

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Verb: A term used to describe the process of allowing your brain to remember a memory first without the help of electronics or the internet.
Person 1: Can you list all of the United States capitals?
Person 2: Yes, but I'm too tired to think, let's just look it up online.
Person 1: NO, we'll "Sweeney Todd" the list instead!
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by guysm1ley January 31, 2021

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Noun: The day to celebrate one's half birthday. If on your birthday you receive cake, on your half birthday you should receive a cupcake.
Person One: Today my son turns 2-1/2 years old.
Peron Two: Yay that's his Cupcake Birthday!
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by guysm1ley November 29, 2020

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When driving, it's the act of pulling through an empty parking spot in a shopping center forgoing the need of backing up your vehicle.
(Driver): Starts car and pulls through open space in the parking lot.
(Passenger): "Hey, you just did the Patented Julie Pull Through!"
by guysm1ley February 25, 2021

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