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This usually occurs between two drunk as fuck individuals on a friday night. The qualifications are that you fuck three and only three times, that you have just met and that the female has trouble walking the next day. Anal sex qualifies as well but be careful you must know what you are doing.
College student 1: Man that was one crazy friday night fuck fest
College student 2: Why what happened bro?
College student 1: O u know just railed the shit out of this broad three times.
College student 2: Nice man i will have to try that soon.
by Grinnell April 10, 2008

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When a Sneakers O'Toole look-alike has a cab service from school to the club. Sneakers O'Toole then lets every chick in his car drink, and inevitably, they spill some cranberry/vodka on his seat. Sneaker O'Toole will get the drink stain confused with a Virginia Slim stain.
Sneakers: Yo man, I'm gonna have to run by the cleaning section. Someone spilled some shit in my car. Now I think I have the Back-Seat Stain

Grinnell: Actually, I think it may be a Virginia Slim stain.

Sneakers: You know... that may actually be what it is.

Sid: What the fuck!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
by Grinnell April 18, 2008

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The females around the Dade City area that feel as though they run the streets. Often times a young Italian male will be minding his own business and then out of no where... BOOM! The young handsome Italian male has just been shouldered to the ground by a burly female who runs the street. The young Italian male gets up and then causes a scene by vowing to beat the shit out of the next bitch that thinks she runs the street.
Sid: What the fuck!! Did you guys just see that??

Group: No, what happend?

Sid: I just got shoulder by one of these SLU bitches doing the SLU Street Running!! I swear, it seems like the SLU bitches just own the street sometimes!!!

Group: What the fuck!?
by Grinnell April 15, 2008

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When you have the worst diarrhea runs. The shit sometimes just drips out of your ass crack, and on the floor causing an embarrasing moment for everybody. These runs usually happen every ten to fifteen minutes or so and maybe not coincidentally occur after dinner. They are especially bad when a sports movie is playing. The problem has not been diagnosed scientifically yet but it is clearly an issue in modern america society.
College Student 1: Man that kid must have the runs like no other
College student 2: Yea I heard he had the mudslide of st. edwards
College Student 1: Dude don't fuck around i hope u are kidding
College Student 2: Nah man I'm serious I wouldn't wish that upon anyone though.
by Grinnell March 31, 2008

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After going to a local run down club in which you are so drunk you can't even stand up and bring a lady friend back to the house. Instead of having sex as most would, you decide that it would be a better idea to take a cleansing shower together. While in the shower, the young italian male decides to give the college girl a reach-around. This isn't your normal reach around however........

He simply inserts one finger into the bung hole and goes to town. The girl goes nuts and realizes how much of an anal fetish she has. The male will be proud of what has taken place later, once he sobers up from his cranberry/vodkas. He will then brag to his friends at every possible opportunity.
Tom: Has anyone ever eaten a girls asshole out?

Paul: Nope, but I have stuck one finger in with the One Fingered Reach-Around.

Tom: Awesome! U gotta teach me your technique
by Grinnell April 01, 2008

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When drunk as fuck at a local hotel pool, one is tired of the apple he has halfway eaten. He then decides to toss the half eaten apple in the pool.

After tossing the apple, the apple culprit walks through a puddle of piss on his way to the bathroom.

The next morning at breakfast, the apple is still floating in the same spot as the night before.
Maxwell: Yo man, after your done with that apple I want a bite.

John: Aight man... SPLASH!!! Oops, I just did the St. Augustine apple toss.

Maxwell: What the fuck did you do that for man? I wanted some of that apple.
by Grinnell March 31, 2008

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Boone and Moon with Sid sandwiched in the middle.
Charles: Yo did u hear about the Florida Double-Stuffed Oreo?
Frankfurt: Naw man wtf is that?
Charles: It's Boone and Moon with Sid in the middle
Frankfurt: Fuckin crazy bro.
by Grinnell April 15, 2008

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