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The best fuckin show in all of the world!!
Viva la bam is my favorite show in the whole damn world!! Its sooooooo freakin funny!!
by gretchen hardcock September 05, 2008
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a combination of fuck cock and bitch
often used to describe something/someone who is oddly queer
omg! he is such a fucocitch! no wonder i put him in my burn book!
by gretchen hardcock August 16, 2008
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The gnarliest mother fucker in the whole goddamn world!
Wicked retarted
Freakin sweet
Viva la bam
Adio shoes
Holy shit did u see that episode of viva la bam when bam dunn and rabb himself took apes pt cruiser and pimped that shit out?! That was fuckin awsome! Or the one when the dug a tunnel from don vitos yard to his room? That was fuckin gnarly! I fuckin love bam margera!
by gretchen hardcock September 05, 2008
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Something that is twisted and deformed. That is extreamly out of charactor, to be extreamly non-conforming. Often used among skaters or surfers. can be good or bad
Dude bam margera is the gnarliest mother fucker alive! He is soooooo cool doing all that jackass shit! Man he has balls! He's soooooo fucking hott id tap that twice! That's why I named my dog after him dude my dog is gnarly as shit eating his own shit man that takes balls! He is wicked retarted!
by gretchen hardcock September 05, 2008
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its not like them ass-holes who hate black people its The Kool Kidz Klub™! i am the founding member. you have to be one bad ass mother fucker to get in!
omg! im so happy to be a member of the KKK™!
by gretchen hardcock September 06, 2008
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