A klub that only elite kids can join. They are regarded as the greatest and "koolest" kids in school. Usually only 3 members are in the KKK and anything over that isn't considered "kool". This term originated at Seven Lakes High School by the class of 2015, but has spread throughout the world.
Vrinda: "Dudeee look Abraham just walked by, he is so hawt. I wish I was in the Kool Kidz Klub."
Aurea: "I'm not kool enough to join. Only Abraham, Aditya and Deepika are allowed."
Vrinda: "It's okay, at least we are in the LKK (Lame Kidz Klub)"
by SexyMOFO January 21, 2014
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The Kool Kidz Klub (A.K.A The KKK or Triple K) Is a Group of Kool Kidz that have meetings every saturday, At the Meetings, we Bring coke cola, but we use the original recipe, which has pure cocaine extract instead of sugar. We also Love anime and like video games. We are very poggers.
Woah, Look over there! It's the Kool Kidz Klub! They Are SOOO Kool!
by CookieSir January 12, 2021
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A singular group of people whom are absolutely not racist hence the name. This group is a sacred bond between a diverse group of people who are close friends.
Yo let's hang out with the Kool Kidz Klub tonight
by AnonymousKKK April 2, 2017
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