A confusing or gaudy action. Razzle dazzle. Double talk.
During all of the shouting and razzmatazz at the annual voodoofest, we felt things were going better than last year.
by gofishgo December 12, 2006
The best night club in Barcelona, with a selection of of rooms each with differing styles of music. Also know as "The Razz"
<Will> Man you look rough, what happened?

<Jonshon> I went to Razzmatazz last night, I was dancing to the best Techno you've ever heard until 7am.
by roycabinet January 11, 2010
When things go very very smoothly!
KXLI: "hey Alicia how're you feeling?

Alicia: Feeling very Razzmatazz ! Thanks ;)
by elmystico July 26, 2019
Where a man gets head from a woman and holds her hair in a ponytail while doing so. Once near ejaculation point, he then rips out the woman's hair and blows his load over it. He then either shows her his creation or proceeds to stick it onto her face and into her mouth. The woman has been successfully razzmatazzed.
by marble ape December 19, 2017
A form of the phrase "That's what she said". Although it is like that phrase, it is a more broad way of saying it, because while "that's what she said" refers to what a girl said, razzmatazz refers to any part of the experience, male or female, or even if it was a less desirable part of it.
It's so small" "Razzmatazz
by Razzmatazz12 October 11, 2010
The most beastly jump rope team in existence.
Razzmatazz: get on our level.
by vee0tv December 28, 2015