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(verb) Trumpologize: To apologize, but not really mean it.
"If I offended anyone for saying those lewd comments about women, I sincerely trumpologize. But Bill Clinton said much worse!"
by go out laughing October 8, 2016
A person who proudly chooses not to get the Covid vaccine, because their brain has been soaked in false conspiracy theories.
Ebbot is unvaccinated and proud of it. Now he has the Covid Delta variant, and he's spreading it to his family, his friends, and his community. He's a total anti-vaxhole!
by go out laughing July 22, 2021
A poo-brained right wing extremist who claims to be a patriot.
Those Capitol rioters even smeared their own poo in the halls of the U.S. Capitol building. They're a bunch of pootriots.
by go out laughing July 15, 2021
The boundary that separates educated, progressive America from gun-hoarding, racist America.
Since the election, it has become increasingly difficult and dangerous to pass through the Shotgun Curtain from our America to their America.
by go out laughing November 17, 2016
A common deficiency in which the brain cannot process humor that contains irony.
George loves jokes about farting and pooping. Be when he's presented with any humor that has a hint of irony, his eyes just glaze over. He suffers from a serious case of irony deficiency.
by go out laughing May 21, 2014
The embarrassing failure to elect a president based on a simple majority of votes.
In 2016, the loser was given the keys to the White House - a clear case of electile dysfunction.
by go out laughing September 8, 2017
Euphoria mixed with fury. An ecstatic rage. An orgasmic rush that comes from feeling really angry and offended.
Overwhelmed by eufurya, Dan smashed the window. The shattering sound filled him with a eufuric buzz. He would deal with the lawsuit and destruction-of-property charges tomorrow.
by go out laughing November 4, 2021