The only thing needed to get back to normal.
Once the COVID Vaccine becomes available to you, just get it.
by SunFlow3 March 26, 2021
When you flex on white bitches that you don't need a mask and immune to covid (not really)
I don't need a mask karen I'm vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine
by Realblacknigga May 31, 2021
Is a proposed and planned identification system adopted by the totalitarian government of the Biden Administration in 2021 in USA to be imposed and implemented on the general population to grant whose who got vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 permission to do about anything from normal daily life activities, e.g.; movie theater, bar, 4th of July gathering, to watch sports games at stadiums, traveling between States, etc.
The plan poses a huge threat to privacy and liberty to the people of the free world. It is unfortunately supported by the anti-liberty socialists mainly represented now by the Democratic Party. However, a strong resist exists from several States to prevent such system from being implemented in the Land of The Free.
Person A: I plan to visit my nephew in California in the new year.
Person B: California!! You are gonna need a covid vaccine passport for that.
Person A: That's ridiculous.

Person C: Let's go to a movie
Person D: Do you have vaccine passport?
Person C: I got vaccinated, but I am not willing to go around showing everyone that I did to any place I am about to go to.
Person D: Well, we are gonna need to revolt against this totalitarian authority first then watch a movie.
by TrueVision20 April 4, 2021
Food cravings experienced after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

See also: cvm
"Man, I could murder a couple of buckets of chicken wings... And a large kebab... And a side of ribs... And a bath-tub filled with pasta... And the neighbours' goat would be great in a curry..."
"I thought you were vegetarian."
"I am!!"
"Sounds like Covid vaccine munchies. Eat a dry biscuit and have a lie-down."
by HeavyDrama May 28, 2021
The depopulation weapon that will kill everyone
I got my COVID-19 vaccine, did you get yours?

Nah, you just signed your death warrant. The time is ticking, enjoy it while you still can libtard.
by fencetape February 11, 2022
The only hope for the developed countries to prevent their economies from further declining, and for the developing countries to prevent theirs from collapsing, as a result of the pandemic—when vaccination for the population is the solution to economic salvation.
The shortage of Covid-19 vaccines and the poorly constructed vaccine distribution channels in most developing countries only push them to the back of the line in securing billions of shots for their people—when donations via vaccine diplomacy aren’t being helped by poor storage facilities in many developing nations.
by 🦠₉₁₁ July 23, 2021