12 definitions by go out laughing

To marry and have three kids as soon as possible, in spite of the environmental impact
I can't wait to marry and three-up. It's what everyone else is doing.
by go out laughing October 24, 2017
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(verb) being perpetually stoned, at work
(noun) a person who is perpetually stoned, at work
Eric just ate five doughnuts, and then took twenty minutes to clock in. He's definitely a work and bake.
by go out laughing October 04, 2016
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A person who refuses to get the Covid vaccine because.... conspiracy theory.
Rudd proudly brags that he would never get the Covid vaccine. Now he has Delta, along with many of his family and friends. What a vaxhole!
by go out laughing July 21, 2021
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The embarrassing failure to elect a president based on a simple majority of votes.
In 2016, the loser was given the keys to the White House - a clear case of electile dysfunction.
by go out laughing September 08, 2017
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Euphoria mixed with fury. An ecstatic rage. An orgasmic rush that comes from feeling really angry and offended.
Overwhelmed by eufurya, Dan smashed the window. The shattering sound filled him with a eufuric buzz. He would deal with the lawsuit and destruction-of-property charges tomorrow.
by go out laughing November 04, 2021
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