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gavin is the hottest guy on MI. All the girls love him and want to date him. He is also the nicest and funniest guy too.
by girl May 14, 2004
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A member of the group the Laus. The laus are a group opposed to science lessons (especially those taught by Mr Roper). A lau is intelligent and extremely kewl but prefers arty subjects (art/drama) to factual subjects (science/maths). The name lau comes from the maiden name of lau 2's mother.
Lau 2: My mum's maiden name was Lau
Lau 1: Really? that's such a kewl name! I want to be a lau
by girl February 23, 2005
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A message board which has caused the destruction of luelinks
luelinks got pissed at lue2 because they were making lue2links. luelinks tried to invade lue2, but the great admin silentstrike gave them a silentstrike and deleted their website.
by girl March 10, 2005
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1. A message board that doesnt exist. It consists of users with 1 inch wangs that got banned from gamefaqs becasue they sucked so bad. Google "Yoshi" and subtract 4 inches from the wang that comes up and you've got yourself a luelinker

2. That guy you hate in your class
1. Ugly girl with acne: HI THERE PERSON!
Ugly girl with acne: Hey you only have a 1 inch wang, you must be a LLer!
LLer: OMGWTFHAX J00 R TEH FOUND ME!!!!!11!1!!1

Normal guy: This guys such a luelinks
by girl March 29, 2005
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1. A crappy message board where wannabe LUE2sers go and post links. Most links include porn, which luelinks' 11 year old members try to maturbate but cant because they cant get an erection

2. A bad fuck
1. LLmember: Im 11 and i like pr0n
NormalPerson: Go to LL, its where all the gay porn is at
LLmember: OMFGWTFBBQCHICKEN 7|-|15 |=|_|C|C1|\| R0x0rz mah b0x0rz LOLOMGWTF

2. You cant get a bonar, you pulled a luelinks on me!
by girl March 10, 2005
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Stupid, as in 80% of the world's population.
Our daft ways will eventually lead to our self destruction.
by girl October 31, 2003
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1. A Bad ass old school Metallica song.
2. The most bad ass gaming clan to walk the earth. Clan Members wear tag ={DMG}=. and continually poon noobs "gretzky style".also known as DMG Their home is dmgclan.com and consist of some of the greatest video gamers known. They are led by "the fearless leader" aka ashe. Other members include Hitlers assasin, Edward Penishands, FarmerBrown,Jacko, Carp, Vertigo, Kid36, Seabass, You so stupad, Houzebomb,Ironman, Lygar, Ice dawg, Rocky, Kcire, and GIRLSW/GUNS see Ciara Bella DMG DMG Clan
I got owned by Damage inc. or DMG pooned my ass. or Farmer brown throws nades Dmg style or my ass hurts from the dmg ownage
by girl April 26, 2005
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