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(1)Application of make-up to one's face.
(2)Application of sperm to one's face.
Also see: smud
(1)"I'm going to Green's Salon to get my facial done."
(2)"Dude! Ron Jeremy just gave that bitch a facial!"
by Garret June 15, 2004
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One of the best metalcore bands out there. If you were to make a sexual equivalent to listening to Lamb of God, it'd be trying to deepthroat a tree stump.
If you say you like metal, but don't like Lamb of God, you're a fuckin' fag and a goddamn liar.
by Garret February 03, 2005
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smud(n.) - The residual of one's ejaculatory fluids; usually in reference to one receiving a facial.
"Ah man, you got my smud all over your face!"
"You could probably see better if you wiped all that smud out of your eyes."
by Garret June 14, 2004
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To fix something very temporarily; with little or no real repair or use of tools/assisstance. Also see MacGuyver.
"Dude, my car's not starting, I just need it to get me to work and back tonight, and I've got to be there in an hour. Think you can help?"
"Yeah, I can nig-rig 'er."
by Garret February 06, 2005
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A shitty internet service, which I like to refer to as "America Offline," because the shit crashes so much. Thank God I got Comcast. Oh, Tom Warner's a fucking faggot.
"I'm Tom Warner, and I'm a fucking faggot."
by Garret February 06, 2005
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best metal band ever. best songs are flight of icarus and murders in the rue morgue.
dave murray is an amazing guitarist
by garret July 04, 2003
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If you're on the phone with someone, and someone else calls, they enter a call waiting face off. The loser obviously being the one you tell you'll call back.
A: "Hey, hold on. I got another call."
B: "'k. (Goddamnit, I'm in a call waiting face off)"
A: "Sorry about that, I was on the other line."
C: "It's ok. (Fuck... call waiting face off.)"
A: "Hold on a sec, 'k?"
C: "Sure. (SUCK IT, I WIN!)"
A: "Hey man, I gotta call you back."
B: "Alright, see ya. (Fuck, I lost.)"
by Garret February 03, 2005
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